DIY Quick and Easy Pillow Cover

I have always said, SIMPLE is best, and when it comes to furniture, I LOVE my leather. It’s easy to clean, lasts long, and since NEUTRAL is always my first choice for big items, and you can change the pillows to change the look any time you want with little investment.

This summer I saw a DIY on Pinterest for pillows made from World Market cloth napkins. They have such a variety and really fun prints, so I changed the look of my living room just by adding two pillows!  I saw a set of really cute pillows on Pinterest that I thought would look great in my bedroom…–but I didn’t want to spend $35.00, so I decided to try to make the LOVE pillow myself. Turned out to be SUPER EASY!I have made several pillow covers in the past simply by taking pillowcases or scrap material and turning them into “envelopes”, which makes it much easier to remove/change/wash them.For this pillow I took a piece of linen-look material that I had purchased previously to make valances for my room.  The material is soft, easy to work with and doesn’t wrinkle as much as real linen. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby (LOVE that place!), and with a coupon it didn’t cost me more than $2.00 for the whole pillow!

I cut it to the approximate width of  my old pillow plus 2″.  The length was the size of the pillow x 3.  I doubled the fabric so it wouldn’t show through because my old pillow was floral.  Because it had fringed/frayed edges, I kept those and just hemmed the sides about 1/4″.

NEXT, I spelled out the word LOVE (with the discounted ribbon I paid 25 cents for!) in cursive on the material where I wanted it (on the part that would be the flap), pinned it, and sewed right over the top of it with my machine.

All you do is fold up the bottom to the size you want and stitch the sides together.

Fold the bottom up and top stitch each side and you have an envelope pillow.

Cute, huh?! You can see on my bed that one of my other pillows is a homemade envelope pillow as well, made with ONLY TWO SEAMS on a king size pillowcase,

“I will give You thanks with all my heart; I will sing Your praise before the heavenly beings.  I will bow down toward Your holy temple and give thanks to your name for Your constant love and faithfulness.”  Psalm 138:1-2

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